I AM- Root Chakra

Chakra blend designed to help you on your journey if your feeling stuck, blocked or out of balance. This is an essential oil blend with crystal chips (inside the bottle), giving different properties relating to the Root Chakra.

  • Category: Spirtual Range




Root Chakra- I AM- Frankincense and Cedarwood Essential Oil, Red Garnet and Red Jasper Crystal Chips to ground yourself. This blend helps with lack of focus, co-dependency, restlessness and feeling abandoned. 

Individuals with a blocked root chakra may find it difficult to settle down with work and where you live, a person who moves around a lot. It can also impact uncertainty of relationships. You may feel like you’re constantly searching for something that you can’t identify, feeling very restless. 

This blend smells wonderfully Earthy, perfect to help ground yourself when feeling uncertain, it also helps people who need to be brought back to earth, if their heads are stuck in the clouds. You can either roll onto the chakra directly or you can wear it as a natural perfume to give you the mind set with which this blend represents. 

*Stone not included.