I Speak- Throat Chakra

Chakra blend designed to help you on your journey if your feeling stuck, blocked or out of balance. This is an essential oil blend with crystal chips (inside the bottle), giving different properties relating to the Throat Chakra.

  • Category: Spirtual Range




Throat Chakra- I SPEAK- Pine, Spruce and Cypress Essential Oils, Turquoise and Aquamarine Crystal Chips for when you have an inability to express and communicate effectively for fear of ridicule and judgement. 
This blend will help you realize your truth in the world, release the fear of speaking, inability to express thoughts, help with shyness, inconsistency in speech and actions. It will also ease social anxiety, stubbornness and detachment. It can help with intuitive abilities and for you to be able to express these abilities. This blend helps to project ideas and bring your thoughts into reality. 

This is a very fresh and light smell to help your expression and promote clear communication. It can help you express your truth and to speak out. You can either roll onto the chakra directly or you can wear it as a natural perfume to give you the mind set with which this blend represents.  

*Stone not included.