Services for the elderly

We provide a wide range of treatments for people above a certain age at affordable rates. 

Using the holistic approach as we get older is very important. Our bodies can naturally heal ourselves and when we become older it gets harder to mend, we need encouragement and help to fight illness's off. The Holistic approach is about the mind and body to become balanced. When our bodies and mind aren't in balance, this causes our immune systems to lower and become weak therefore we are more susceptible to becoming ill. When we receive an holistic treatment it helps put our mind, body and spirit back to a balance, this approach takes into account the whole client's needs rather then focusing a symptom or trying to fix part of the problem which is what the conventional way offers, a quick cure without actually getting to the cause and getting rid of it. When we strengthen the immune system the body is naturally able to heal itself.

The holistic approach to health differs from the conventional medical approach in that it takes into account the whole patient rather than just focusing on the symptom or the part that has the problem. 

We believe it is very important for people above a certain age to get as much contact and sensory touch as they can, as this promotes a sense of wellbeing and also gives people confidence.

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