Aromatherapy Facial £25

Aromatherapy Facial £25

The face and scalp are worked on for a really relaxing experience. 

Massage will help the skin to absorb all the natural active ingredients in the oils. It helps stimulate drainage of the lymph system which helps eliminate waste and reduce any signs of puffiness. Massage helps boost circulation which brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells for a brighter complexion. Signs of stress, tension and premature ageing on the face maybe reduced over time. 

It helps rid sinus problems and on the relevant pressure points can relive blocked sinuses and it is also soothing for eyes and people who have eye strain. This massage is also good for people who suffer with headaches.

We choose oils for your skin type and your circumstances at the time i.e if you are getting over a cold we would use eucalyptus, if you have PMT or menopausal issues we would use Rosemary. The oils are blended on the basis that you like the smell and we will ensure that the properties of the oils are met to your needs.

Aromatherapy Facial: 30 minute treatment for £25       Click here to book your appointment.