Aromatherapy from £27

Aromatherapy from £27

Aromatherapy aims to treat the whole person by taking into consideration your physical and emotional state of mind, which is really important for your well being. The most effective way to promote health and prevent illness is to strengthen the body's immune system, by doing this, it helps restore the harmony between the body and mind.

Essential oils comes from flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel. They are able to support you in most health conditions you may have as they have different properties for most dis-alignments of the body and mind. Essential oils have been used for centuries from Ancient Egypt, which is where the first evidence of using the oils originated from to the ancient Greeks and Romans back in 425BC who discovered the odour of certain plants and flowers was stimulating and invigorating, while others where relaxing and sedative. 

This massage has so many benefits due to the diversity of the essential oils. It can help with a cold, PMT, depression, anxiety, muscle aches and pains to name but a few. This treatment can help with a variety of conditions.

The two services we provide within Aromatherapy are a full body massage which includes, back, legs, arms, scalp and face, and we do a upper back, shoulder and neck massage so if you have upper body aches, pains and tension this is perfect for you. 

All essential oils are picked and selected specially for your mind and body needs.

You can also use Aromatherapy not just topically to the skin- in massage, but by using inhalations, compresses and aromatic baths. If you would like us to make you a blend to use at home, for any specific problem, we would be happy to do so for an additional £5.00

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