Chakra Balancing £15

Chakra Balancing £15

We have 7 energy centres within our bodies, these are called chakras. These chakras can become blocked or unbalanced due to disruptions from every day life. The main causes of our bodies getting blocked or unbalanced is due to fear, anxieties and stress. 

When the chakras are not aligning correctly, our natural life force energy cannot travel through the body as it should, creating diseases. When this happens we are able to feel the lack of something in our lives related to that particular chakra field, you may feel out of sorts, lost or unwell. It creates dis-alignments within yourself, mentally and physically. 

An example of this is, if you have an effected throat chakra then it deprives you the ability to communicate effectively which can manifest itself physically as a sore throat. 

Balancing out the chakras can help our life force energy to flow correctly and efficiently allowing peace, calm and wellness throughout our body systems. 

Reiki chakra Balancing: 30 minute treatment £15Click here to book your appointment.
Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra Balancing: 30 minute treatment £15Click here to book your appointment.