Hot Stone Massage from £30

Hot Stone Massage from £30

This massage combines traditional massage, with hot basalt stones gently gliding over the body. At times during the treatment, stones will be placed on or under the body to facilitate deep heat penetration, to relax the muscles and 'draw out' tightness and discomfort.

The stones are volcanic rocks found on the exterior of a volcano. They are formed from the hot lava that spills out of the volcano as it erupts. Over many thousands of years they are exposed to the elements (sun, wind, heat and cold conditions, rain and pressure) These factors press the minerals together forming a concentrated mass of minerals and crystals. These mineral stones are well known for their heat and cold retention properties, which makes them a perfect choice for stone therapy. 

Hot stones get deep into the tissue releasing the tension built up. It is said that one stroke of a heated basalt stone is equivalent to five strokes of the therapists hand. The energies from the stones promote a meditative and calm state, helping to relax to the deepest state possible and clients feel the warm nurturing and healing benefits long after the treatment is over. 

Benefits of a hot stone treatment include Deep relaxation, physically & psychologically, Reduces stress, anxiety & tension. The heat of stones penetrates much deeper than a normal massage, Improves blood & lymphatic circulation, Toxins & waste eliminated quicker and more efficiently and is a Pain relief in tight, stiff muscles. 

Hot Stone Massage can help in the treatment of the following conditions:- 

• Muscular aches, pains & strains 

• Rheumatic and arthritic conditions 

• Circulatory problems 

• M.S. 

• Fibromyalgia 

• Back pain 

• Insomnia 

• Stress & tension 

• Anxiety & Depression

Hot Stone Massage: 30 minute treatment for £30Click here to book your appointment
Hot Stone Massage: 1 hour treatment for £40Click here to book your appointment
Hot Stone Massage: 1 hour 30 minutes for £50Click here to book your appointment
Hot Stone Massage, specific area: 45 minutes for £35Click here to book your appointment