Indian Head Massage £35

Indian Head Massage  £35

This is a popular massage and works on the upper back, shoulders, arms, scalp and face to help ease a variety of stress- related conditions and relieve muscle tension. It has a number of benefits including helping headache sufferers, as the combination of moves I use are to soothe and relieve neck and scalp tension. With regular treatments, the intensity and frequency of stress related headaches can be reduced significantly as the massage promotes relaxation and disperses tension.

This treatment is great for reviving hair into being healthy once more. When we are stressed, the scalp can tense and tighten up causing restriction of blood flow, by stimulating the scalp through massage movements the blood flow goes to the places it needs and loosens up the area helping your hair to get the nourishment and nutrients it needs to be healthy. This also creates encouragement of hair growth and promotes strong, shiny hair. 

It helps rid sinus problems as working on the face and check bone pressure points can relive blocked sinuses and it is also soothing for eyes and people who have eye strain. 

And because I don't need to use oils- unless stated, you do not have to undress and the treatment can be carried out through light clothing although if specified Oils can be incorporated into this treatment which helps soften the skin and scalp and deeply condition the hair so if you would like aromatherapy oils let me know and I will make you a blend to suit you and your needs.

Indian Head Massage 45 minute treatment for £35   Click here to book your appointment.