Swedish Body Massage from £25

Swedish Body Massage from £25

This massage works on the muscles more to the surface of the skin so really is a truly relaxing and flowing treatment. It is designed to relax the whole body as well as increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving flexibility and circulation while easing tension. 

It is also great for pain management, If you have a condition like sciatica or osteoarthritis and are suffering from chronic pain as a result, Swedish massage can be an effective method for managing that pain in a natural way. If you are suffering from pain please let me know your pain points and I will  target these areas to improve the circulation and reduce muscle tension in these areas. 

Swedish massage increases the blood flow which means that your muscles are getting more nutrients and oxygen and your body can remove toxins more efficiently and effectively. 

When your muscles are more relaxed, you’re able to experience a wider range of motion increasing flexibility. A combination of Swedish massage and regular stretching is a great way for anyone to get rid of workout-related injuries quicker and get the most out of exercises they have previously done. 

This massage is designed to relax you therefore lowering the level of the stress hormones in your body. which has a number of benefits, including reducing or eliminating tension headaches, giving you more energy, and allowing you to get a better night’s sleep. The lowering of stress hormones also means that it allows your immune system to grow stronger, so you are less likely to get sick.

I will customise this massage to your needs. If there are any specific areas you would like me to relieve the tension from please let me know.

Swedish Body Massage: 30 minute treatment for £25Click here to book your appointment
Swedish Body Massage: 1 hour treatment for £35Click here to book your appointment
Swedish Body Massage: 1 1hour 30 minute treatment for £45Click here to book your appointment