About us

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Hey, I’m Steph. I have been an Holistic Therapist since I left college in 2003, qualifying with a Level 3 Swedish Body Massage Certificate and growing and adapting my skills regularly ever since. .

I created Ever Nature in February 2015 helping people in many different ways and helping on their healing journey. As time has gone on I have naturally progressed to Level 2 in Reiki. On this path I have also found Sound Therapy, this has been a big one for me as I have seen people in all sorts of situations and in chronic pain become pain free from the vibrations of the Tibetan Bowls.

As Ever Nature has grown and got busier, I have partnered up with an amazing Reiki practitioner and Sound Healer. Geoff has joined me on this journey and now offers Sound Baths, Sound Massage and Reiki to our clients. We also offer events using our Tibetan Bowls and other primal sounds for Sound Baths and Day Experiences, some in Nature. It is very important to us that we do some of our events out in Nature as we believe that this also helps us let go of every day life, even for an hour or so, to let our bodies heal mentally and physically.

I am also a herbalist but I practice when I have time, I grow different herbs in the garden and I dry them out and infuse them in oil for my clients to experience during a massage. I make Aromatherapy products that I sell on our online shop at www.etsy.com/LoveEverNature, you will also find other lovely gift ideas and affordable treats for yourself too.

Ever Nature has won an award for the best hand-picked top 3 massage therapists in Stevenage. This is an incredible achievement and we are very proud of this.

We believe that we can help aid our dis-alignments by using an holistic approach of massage, sound therapy, exercise and diet and nutrition to help balance our mind, body and soul. This works on the principals that the most effective way to promote health and prevent illness is to strengthen the body’s immune system and in doing so, it helps restore the harmony between the mind and body which is a part of the treatments we give.

Our aim is to treat the entire body, rather then just the physical problem and provide affordable prices so if you need more then one session, its manageable for you. We work with clients to ensure mental, physical and emotional health is balanced. We work intuitively and will adapt techniques depending on your needs.
We provide a professional mobile service but you are welcome to come to our treatment space in Stevenage.

We also work with people with Learning Difficulties, Physical Disabilities and the Elderly, which a discount is offered, this discount is also for immediate family carers. We go to residential homes and we also work within corporate companies to aid relaxation and release tension to their staff.

‘Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are prepared to listen’
-Shakti Gawain