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Services for Learning and Physical Disabilities

We specialise in providing a service for adults and children with learning and physical disabilities at a reduced rate. Alternative therapies are for everyone and include people with developmental and learning disabilities which includes dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger syndrome, autism, Down syndrome and other developmental and severe learning disabilities. 

We feel its really important that everyone is provided with services that will help and encourage to relax and to clear the toxins from the body’s system to feel better.

Since we started providing this service we have had amazing feedback and we are very pleased to be able to provide these treatments to the people who need it most. Sensory touch is so important as it is a highly sensitive communication with verbal and non verbal people.

 We work with learning difficulty organisations where we go into residential homes and give treatments as well as going to individuals homes, which is important that they are in their own environment to be able to relax and accept the treatments fully. 

The benefits very much vary from person to person and depending on their needs and disability, these treatments can help sleep better, relax, clear away toxins built up in specific areas,  helping to be acknowledged, there is reduced patterns of aggressive behaviour, helps build confidence and self esteem within themselves, improves co-operation.

Circulation may be improved in those who are wheelchair bound. Massage can help conditions such as constipation, headaches, as well as insomnia. 

 We do a consultation with the carer/parent responsible for the individual and we will be able to see what is best. 

We usually do a taster for no more then 10 minutes to see how they react and what is best suited for their needs be it Reflexology, Indian head massage, back rub or even a nice hand massage. Some clients, we will be able to give them longer treatments as they get used to the therapist, the sensory touch and the treatment but others will only be able to have 10 minutes because of their condition and needs, at any point in time. But whatever it is, there is a treatment suited for everyone. Building up a trusting relationship does take time and the first treatment may only last for a minute or so and will slowly progress for longer and longer. Treatments can also be quite basic at the beginning which may not involve cream or oils. 

Why not Email or call us to discuss any treatment bookings.